What happens when a company’s brand needs more than a face-lift? Author Clyde Fessler, former Harley- Davidson vice president of marketing and business development, takes you along for a ride through a complete brand overhaul. By examining the core principles of brand identity, development and extension, Fessler shows how these ideas and others helped reestablish Harley as one of the most enduring and identifiable brands in the world.

‘Rebuilding the Brand: How Harley- Davidson Became King of the Road’ is the story of how a core group led a team of not only marketing folks but also employees, management, dealers, and vendors to rebuild the Harley-Davidson image. Told through the perspective of Clyde Fessler – who held several positions within Harley, from head of marketing services to VP of Business Development – Rebuilding the Brand provides dynamic branding information couched in an entertaining story. Fessler describes the methods used to create the iconic image Harley-Davidson enjoys today, methods that can be translated to nearly any industry and explores the topics of brand experience, brand personality, brand extension, brand association, brand consistency and brand welfare.

I have never seen the likes of Clyde Fessler’s creativity in defining and bringing to life the concept of “radical marketing and branding” strategies. If you want your organization to pre-empt the competition, read Rebuilding the Brand.

Bill Gray
Retired VP of Human Resources
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Better than a smooth stretch of highway … Clyde ‘The Glyde’ Fessler is genius at marketing. His straightforward book, replete with fascinating stories, is an easy-reading primer for novices with sufficient depth to expand the knowledge of seasoned marketing professionals.

Joel Goodman
Litigation Consultant
Centennial, CO

This incredible book gives you a good idea of how effective Clyde Fessler has been in helping to make Harley-Davidson the amazing success story it has become. He understands the customer and knows how much we love Harley bikes, and he shares that love with us.

Pat Simmons
Doobie Brothers

Clyde Fessler’s legacy with Harley-Davidson is that he created the innovative programs and products that spread the intensely vertical brand and created products and services that anyone could embrace. Rebuilding the Brand is a testament to Clyde, the focused, educated, endeavored individualist who burst through walls of dogma to see that ‘turning left’ will set you free. Grandmothers didn’t buy motorcycle T-shirts for their grandchildren before Clyde Fessler. They do now.

Dean V. Bordigioni
Biordigioni Family Winery, LLC

Clyde was truly one of the greatest leaders in Harley-Davidson’s history. He helped lead Harley-Davidson to its current position as one of the top 100 brands in the world with market share leadership in virtually every customer segment. He always challenges conventional thinking and was a pioneer of the ‘close to the customer’ philosophy of marketing. He lives with the customer and understands the customer better than anyone. There is a lot of wisdom in Rebuilding the Brand. It should be required reading for any business school marketing class.

Jeff Merten
Former Vice President and General Manager
North American Sales
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

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