Radical Marketing

Reviews Excerpts

By Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin

Featuring Clyde Fessler's Success with Harley-Davidson as a Case Study


“Radical marketers follow a different set of rules in serving their markets. The real value of this book will be to traditional marketers, who need either to learn from radical marketers or to lose market to them."

– Philip Kotler, Professor of International Marketing,
J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management
Northwestern University


"In an environment where marketing and brand management are more critical than ever before. Radical Marketing reveals how some of America's most dynamic companies became industry leaders through innovative marketing strategy. A must read for any CEO who wants to learn from the best."

-Patrick McGovern, Chairman and Founder, IDG


"Great premise. Fabulous case studies. Startlingly original. Exactly right for the times."

-Tom Peters


"Hill and Rifkin have captured the essential principles of effective consumer-centered marketing, requiring marketers to get back in touch with who their consumers are. They require a passion for, and a visceral knowledge of the people we serve, a disdain for formulas and an embracing of the imaginative. In today's marketplace, marketers would do well to heed this advice."

-Denis Beausejour, Vice President, Marketing Worldwide
Procter & Gamble


"A book to gladden the heart and enrich the bank account of any guerrilla. Radical Marketing is a joy to read – it explodes business misconceptions with real-life, front-line, not-by-the-book examples. Every page was a revelation."

-Jay Conrad Levinson, Author,
The Guerilla Marketing Series


"Vibrant, fun, and illuminating. Radical Marketing makes other marketing books look tired. If you're going to read one marketing book this year, make it this one."

-Nancy Austin, Co-author,
A Passion for Excellence


"Relevant, realistic, and radical ideas based on vigorous, powerful, and deep thinking, present­ed in an exciting, engaging, and readable style!"

-Benson P. Shapiro,
Former Malcom P. McNaire Professor of Marketing,
Harvard Business School

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